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HI! I'm Axylh, artist, grafic designer, cosplayer Italian girl ~<3
Welcome to my COSPLAY blog, where I reblog my cosplays, wips, and other stuff :)
All my cosplays are handmade,
with a lot of time and patience >w<
Hope you enjoy it!
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Hi, I'm just wondering what paint you use for the face paint and everything? I have a friend going to a con soon and we aren't sure on the best paint to use. Thank you.

Snazaroo ^◡^

But remember that the trick isn’t the which paint you use, but how you put on it

How did you make the robot arm you use for your Vriska cosplay? ;o;
Hey, I love the arm you made for your Vriska cosplay, what did you make it out of?

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Neon Makeup!! =D

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I just wanted to say you're beautiful, and how was your day?

quite peaceful~ I was alone ✧‿✧
I’ve cleaned up all house, moved some furnishings, enjoyed istants and finally had some quiet moment… kinda.

Thank you anon~ >//◡//<

holy shit fef you're beautiful

And )(——————————————-ER-E…. I’m blus)(ing.
O)( my glob t)(ank you anon~♡

I’ve enjoyed paint my face today.

Vriska | Feferi | Edalia


hey motherfucker, i wanna know if you all up on the motherfuckin Skype or not, i would like to talk to you bout the motherfuckin miracles and stuff(fandoms,art,Cosplay,art,etc) please respond at your earliest convenience

Hey dude, sadly no. I’d really like to share or talks about it cause i’m a very chatterbox about those stuff but actually my wifi sucks and I cannot support skype calls or sometimes neither Skype itself.
{Sorry for late} Anyway, ask me whatever you want everytime you want~


Neon makeup?..coming soon~ ♡♡ #makeupartist #makeup #neon #uv #colours


Just staying under Rialto.

I’ve planned many photoset there, but sadly still no one done HAHAHA *cry*

Ma tipo i tuoi cosplay/disegni sono fantastici? *scappa*

No no dove scappi. Viè qua~
*piglia al volo e strizza di abbracci*

I know youre in italy and all so finding things could be different, but where did you get that shing silver plastic stuff for the vriska arm? or like what exactly is it/is it called? sorry for the bother o: it's a really gr8 vriska arm!!

Thank youuu! ;)
Well… Hum I don’t know it exactly name but I think that you can find it similar or near wallpapers ward/section. Yeah, bricolage market center, do-it-yourself(?), home stuffs &ecc.
It’s an adesive paper that you can paste on wardrobes, inside drawers, or like my metallic one, instead of mirrors. I usually find it silver or gold, but there’s exist also in floreal or floor designs (even metals).
Here you are an example!
Hope it helps!


boohyeah!!! Finally, arrived. I know I’ll love these colours ~<3

Last pieces of my Tony cosplay is arrived! Now… must work to finish him~ çWç 

And as my people say:
"Voja saltime ‘dosso che lavorar no’ posso.” 
Eng vrs:Desire jumps on me cause work I can’t

Byword Venetian dialect

"And you don’t have to 8e a good person to 8e a hero"

Vriska Serket (Injured Version) - Homestuck

Cosplay&Make Up by AXYLH

Photographer - AKaedeC  / Supporter - SelyaChan

{See also Fairy Vriska / Damara / Feferi / Sollux  / Mindfang }

{Look what I found. A Dave!Vriska.}