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HI! I'm Axylh! Artist, sketcher, grafic designer, cosplayer Italian girl ~✰
Welcome to my COSPLAY blog, where you can find my costumes, creations, wips, and other stuff!
All my cosplays are handmade,
with a lot of time and patience >w<
Hope you enjoy it!
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Skull “Ronnie Mena” inspired Makeup with AXYLH | Selya


What’s the new Selya’ make up behind my hair? Coming at

Woh-oh. I found a thing today at the store~

Old photo found it now.
I’m still here, even not good, but here ♥


Another pic of my Feferi’s cosplay!
I’m not sure I’m going to cosplay as her again soon so i wanted to have some pic. Thanks again to petitelilyum for that, kuromi-shinku for the squiddle and axylh for the skirt!

ara ‘antè bella lei <3


Yhay, it happens!

I’m not dead, I’m only sick.
It’s not something serious, but it will take me some time to feel good again… thanks for following me anyway guys~


Congrats to Mogu and NadiaSK of Team Italy! 
Who came in 2nd place at the 2014 World Cosplay Summit 

View the video here:

Read more about team italia here:

Congratz!! <3


Thank you soooo much! ☺️💕

Hiii I was just wondering what you make your horns out of and where you get what you make them out of. If you could reply that would be awesome. Thank you!

Hi cutie! The name of the material is polyurethane, and you can find it in every bricolage or home shops.
You can see my making of here :)

Modeling Photoshoot for Calipso’s original creations catalogue~♡
All creations are for sale and available at Calipso’s Cosplay Island

Photographer: Marco Mambrelli

MakeUp Artist: Selya Makeup
{my cosplay partner and gorgeous orange girl after me~}
My cosplay page: Axylh


Would you ever think of commissioning a cosplay for mindfang?

Well, I’d commissioned some stuff before (like horns, shirt and feferi skirt) but an entire cosplay of mindfang could takes me a lot of time. If I had to, I prefer sell out my own one

Your cosplay is amazing, im jelly, :3



Ok guys, don’t panic, I’m not dead.
I’ve simply started working, so my time it’s very limited.
I’ve already announced my hiatus on DeviantArt some days ago, and now it’s time to make it here: guys, here it comes a hiatus.
Just a bit of time to settle my hours and stuff, and restart all my…